Back Pain

Back pain in Scotland is the most common musculoskeletal reason to visit your doctor.  Whether it is due to an injury or just appeared out of nowhere, there is always a true cause.  Muscle relaxants and painkillers only address the symptoms.  They do not address the problem.

Whatever the cause, you have come to the right place.  And in the unlikely event that we cannot help you, we will be happy to direct you to someone who can.

Our chiropractors take pride in their ability to find the true cause of the problem.  That is why an initial consultation, examination and treatment takes 45 minutes.  We will not only work with you on fixing the problem, but we will do it in an ethical manner.  Our number one goal is to get you better as soon as possible.  fast

Most cases of back pain are treated as per the government’s NICE guidelines.  Unless we suspect a fracture or other serious underlying cause, further imaging (x-ray, CT, MRI) is not needed.  We will get you better as fast as possible.

We offer a range of treatment options including,

joint manipulation                  flexion distraction technique                  instrument adjusting                dry needling              ultrasound therapy 

trigger point therapy                   active release technique            exercises

We can always find a treatment option that is best for you!  Your comfort and fast return to an active life is our goal. 

If you decide to entrust us in your care, you will not be disappointed.

To ask a question or to book an appointment please call us at 0131 235 2795 or use our Online Booking portal