Thank you for the treatment l have had from you, my back and shoulder is now pain free and my right arm movement is 100% better. Also I no longer get dizzy spells.

Once again thank you for you professional treatment.


G. Barrett

Fantastic,  I understand more about my health in the last month, than I have understood in the last 20 years.  If you have problems, it’s definately worth a visit.  It’s helped ease my pain level loads.


M. Dickson

I suffer from pain in my neck, spine, and upper back muscles.  I was a bit skeptackle at first, but after my first visit I already feel so much better already.  The tension is gone.


Ken is professional and friendly.  I enjoyed it and am already looking forward to my next visit.


I would definately recommend Ken to anyone seeking a chiropractor,.  He definately knows what he is doing!  5 out of 5

N. Matejcova

I highly recommend Ken’s services.  I have received an amazing treatment from him, and am looking forward to more of his treatments.

M. Liptakova

Before I started attending, the pain in my shoulder was becoming unbearable.  Now, after a handful of sessions, I am well on my was to recovery.

Fantastic professional service.  I would definately recommend.

G. McInnes